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Starting Your Business

Step 1: Opportunity Assessment

 Before You Get Started...

Is starting a business the right decision for you? There are various tools to help you determine the answer to this important question. Here are some questions to ask your self are these:

  • Are you a high achiever?
  • Are you reasonable risk-taker?
  • Do you have tolerance for ambiguity?
  • Do you have Type A behavior?
  • Are you self confident?
  • Are you goal-oriented?
  • Are you action-oriented?
  • Are you innovative
  • Are you competitive?

Of course the more "yes" answers to the above, the better for entrepreneurship! However, there is no real test for owning your own business, just indicators or behaviors that successful entrepreneurs exhibit. Spending time on evaluating if you're ready to start a business is time and money well-spent. It is a life decision!

Step 2: Business Training

Proper Training is a Key to Success!

Managing a business is managing risk.  Do not attempt launch your business without proper training and preparation. The Contra Costa SBDC and its community partners offer many different types of trainings all intended to help you begin the best type of business for you, avoid costly mistakes and capitalize on opportunities related to starting and growing your own small enterprise.

To Learn More About Our Online Training  Click Here

For Information on Upcoming Training Events Click Here


Step 3: Take Advantage of Our No-Cost Professional Management Advising

Once you have a plan to start or grow your business, we highly recommend you work with our advisors to implement the plan. Our Team has the knowledge, experience and resources to help you turn your plans into a successful operations. 

Click on the link below to sign up for advising if you're ready to launch a business, open a storefront, apply for a business loan, become certified to sell to the government, export your product or hire your first or next employee. 

Click Here to sign up for business advising and here to learn more about our client process.

Step 4. Commit to Lifelong Learning

Success in business includes a commitment to lifelong learning and continuous improvement. We highly recommend you maintain contact with our Center, even after you reach your financial goals, as we and our community partners periodically offer new programming and training opportunites.  We are here to help you with succession planning and your exit strategy as well, when that time arrives.

In the mean time, we encourage you to explore other training courses in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Small Business Management and other topics offered by our excellent local community colleges:


The Bottom Line:
Whether you choose the services of Contra Costa SBDC or one of our partners, you are not alone in this journey!