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Developing Your Elevator Pitch

If you are a person who has missed sales and opportunities in live networking events
because you have not yet developed that perfect elevator pitch, this workshop is for you.

Learn how in 30 seconds or less you can communicate important information about your company that will help your prospects decide they want to do business with you.

Learn how to communicate powerfully and directly to your target market about what makes you special (your competitive advantage) and the main benefits your customers want.

Finally understand the power of putting a meme in your message to make your pitch even more irresistible to your prospects and to allow others to remember and even pass on your message as well.

Come prepared to develop, share, practice and sharpen your 30 second elevator pitch in this interactive workshop.
Date & time: 
Fri, 03/17/2017 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Pleasant Hill
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